The home of the koala, the kangaroo and the tasmanian devil, Australia is certainly a very unique country !

Did you know ?

Australia is big. About 14 times the size of France. It takes one day in a plane to get there from Paris, and more than a few days to get around the country !

What is attractive in Australia ?

I love the beautiful coloured birds. From the rainbow lorikeets to the pink galah, the vibrant colours and interesting « squawks » (bird songs and noises) are certainly memorable.

Rainbow Lorikeet










The animals with their baby pouches



The furry animals that are so well known, such as the kangaroos and koalas, are definite must-sees, as are their wide-eyed, extremely cute babies. I also enjoy seeing the less-cuddly, but equally impressive marine animals that swim along the shores of Australia.

Marine life

I feel strongly about protecting the beautiful « Great Barrier Reef », its turtles, fish & corals, as well as the whales and penguins that can be seen in other parts of the country. What treasures ! 2016 and 2017 were terrible years for the coral which has suffered from severe bleaching due to climate change. The sealife desperately needs to be looked after.


The plants and animals in Australia seemed so odd to first explorers. Coming from Europe, even the swans looked weird, black instead of white, not to mention the platypus – a duck-billed, egg-laying swimming mammal… What an upside-down world !


The varied landscapes 

France has a very rich and diverse landscape within relatively short distances. This certainly isn’t the case in Australia, but if one takes the time, it is possible to see tropical rainforest, arid desert and exciting cities, like Sydney – my home town.


Australian history :

The modern cities have a rather short history (Sydney as we know it was colonised in 1770 when Captain James Cook arrived in his ship « Endeavour »). The Aboriginal people, present on the lands for thousands of years before the English, suffered greatly from these changes. Their beautiful art and culture is widely appreciated these days and certain policies are changing to protect their heritage.

Christmas in Australia :

Our last trip to Australia was at christmas time, during the Australian summer ! Pavlova, the Australian dessert centre-piece can be tasted. Some families celebrate at the beach, or in front of the BBQ.

Let us know if you have any questions about the country or the Australian way of life !

Discovering Australia

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